Thursday, April 27, 2006

Cardinal Martino on Religious Freedom

Catholic World News has the story:
"Speaking in Vienna on April 27, Cardinal Renato Martino (bio - news) reaffirmed the central importance of religious freedom in the life of democracy. The president of the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace was in Austria to introduce the Compendium of Catholic social teaching, published by his dicastery.

Cardinal Martino argued that some liberal democratic countries do not fully respect religious freedom. Secularism in government, he said, should allow for Christians to be active in society, acting freely on the basis of their religious beliefs. Church leaders should be able to offer their opinions on public issues, he added.

When religious beliefs are relegated to the private sphere, the cardinal said, the cause of democracy suffers. When secular societies act as if God does not exist, he said, they risk losing their own sense of public morality. A government can be neutral regarding religious beliefs, he observed, without pretending to neutrality regarding the benefits of religious faith.

Respect for religious freedom is indicative of a broader respect for human rights, the Italian prelate continued."
Cardinal Martino affirms the value of perserving Foolishness in society. A Secular government's efforts to make Fools Reasonable compromise the society it serves. Denying any religious people their right to participate in the public square undermines the very freedom of expression Reasonable people have praised for years. They attempt to justify their hypocrisy by raising straw men and launching shameful ad homenim attacks upon those with whom they disagree. Sad.

Fool that he is, Cardinal Martino laughs at the frothing efforts of the Reasonable anti-religious. They might as well surf on quicksand; their effort to silence the collective laughter of Fools will be less successful!

Update: Reader Nancy notes that Cardinal Martini and Cardinal Martino are two different men. Therefore, I've removed the reference to Cardinal Martini's condom remarks from Cardinal Martino's mouth. Sorry about the confusion!