Saturday, April 01, 2006

Open Book's "Letter of the Day"

Ah, the joys of being Amy Welborn. She's bombarded with drivel like this:
To start I must state that, if someone were to describe me as a reader it would be a gross understatement, somewhat akin to ‘Tolkien wrote a nice book’. More apt would be: I am a connoisseur of fine literature, and take great pride in my collection, and choice of authors. To say that I am extremely selective in my choices would be another mistake. So when I say that the only reason I have heard of you was your name popped up in my research of Mr. Dan Brown’s book, should say something! Needless to say I was less than pleased with your recount of his book. I have been looking into you and can only laugh, ahh… naiveté, but I didn’t expect much after reading your credentials. The public school system is about as accurate as that bible you’re thumping. One only has to turn your own “proof” back upon yourself to put you in a corner. The Dead Sea Scrolls are real, despite the churches’ claim that they are not.
All I can say is, "Maaadoonnnn!" That's an untranslatable Italian expression of incredible disbelief, as in "You've GOT to be KIDDING me!"

Unfortunately, Mr. T is not:
And nothing in this world has claimed more lives than the justification of ‘Our religion is the right one you’re going to hell join us or die!” more people have died at the hands of someone claiming to do the work of ‘God’ the church, or to be His representative than all the viruses, crimes, nuclear bombs, chemical weapons, or anything else I can think of.
Indeed! Everyone knows what faithful Church-goers Hitler, Stalin, Zedong and Pot were! Yes, and their totalitarian regimes clearly existed to manifest the Kingdom of God on Earth. Those damn Theocracies!

Having embraced cognitive dissonance and raised it to unprecedented levels of bliss-in-ignorance, he then takes Amy to task for her double-standards. After all, where was Amy's protest of Anne Rice's Memnoch the Devil?
Ever read Memnoch the Devil by Ann Rice? I haven’t seen your book Defaming the devil, why Ann rice is going to Hell. Yet you choose to pick apart Dan Brown stating “The Da Vinci Code phenomenon continues to amaze. Its central allegations percolated for years in the pages of quack-history books, attracting little attention. Along came author Dan Brown, who slapped the label "fiction" on them and — presto! — millions of readers started asking, "Wow, is this true?" The short answer is, of course not.” Ann paints the devil in a very questioning light, yet I don’t see you rushing to call her a ‘Quack’.
Um, maybe that's because Ms. Rice never claimed that her story was historically accurate? Dan Brown has made his claim of his novel's historical accuracy the heart of the book's publicity campaign. And his history is bunk. Moreover, Ms. Rice didn't take cheap shots at every Christian on the planet. She also didn't assert that Jesus Christ faked his own death on the cross so he could live with Mary Magdalene. Finally, she didn't disparage the heart of Christian belief. Mr. Brown did all of this to shamelessly pander to the gnostic lovers among the cocktail-party class.

Now, it's his right to libel the Catholic Church and defame Christians throughout the world in order to snake-oil some bucks with a sham "historically based" thriller. It's also Ms. Welborn's right to vivisect his flawed arguments and anti-Christian bigotry.

Mr. T would earn my respect if he actually presented a coherent thesis supported by facts. Instead he piles on non-sequiturs, ad homenims and incoherent conjecture, and then he pat's himself on the back for his brilliance. Puh. Lease!

Put the "Spiritual, not Religious," gnosti-philic conspiracy Kool-aid down, Mr. T. And slowly back away. For your own good. Because several billion Fools throughout the world are about to ROTFLOAO right on top of you!

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