Tuesday, June 13, 2006

The Anchoress has "The Sour Grapes Round-up"

Want to watch our Reasonable masters wail and rend their garments?

The Anchoress has your medicine right here!

Have a taste:
As usual, President Bush is damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t. The left and the press are pulling their collective hairs out today because of the president’s surprise trip to Iraq, and the news that Karl Rove will not be indicted.

That screech you hear is a whole bunch of people going off the rails as they try to spin a moving train.

Interestingly, DNC Chair Howard Dean is carrying on that Rove leaked a non-covert CIA operative’s name in a time of war and saying this is a bad thing, but I don’t recall him being too upset when Mary McCarthy leaked classified info “in time of war,” do you? Funny how sometimes that matters, and sometimes it doesn’t.

There are great pieces everywhere, so I’ll just be your roundup girl, today.

You have to start with the Pajamas Media Link-fest put together by PJM’s Seattle and Barcelone editors. Good stuff from the left and the right and a great comprehensive overview of what is going on in the ’sphere today.

Take a look at DJ Drummond’s look at CBS’s dubious poll of today. Yesterday DJ mentioned that polls were becoming scarce. Apparently the press just needed time to make the right one.
The President reaffirms America's commitment to the Iraqis. Karl Rove will not face a criminal indictment. A biologist finds God in a genome. Man, I should heat up some popcorn!