Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Satanist Mouth-Foamers Storm the Gates!

I thought that the greatest lie the Devil ever told was to convince the world he doesn't exist.

Apparently, some of his devotees didn't get the memo!

LoHud reports on Satanic vandalism at Dunwoody:
"Officials at St. Joseph's Seminary are preparing to try to remove spray-painted satanic messages that maintenance workers discovered this morning.

Workers will use paint removers and power washers as soon as police and media disperse this afternoon.

Meanwhile, Yonkers Mayor Phil Amicone and police officials are scheduled to address the incident during a 3 p.m. press conference.

The vandalism took place during the night, in the wee hours after June 6, 2006 — widely marketed as the satanic mark 666 — came to a close.

Black spray paint was used to write 666 on the three steps leading up to the main entrance of the Catholic seminary. Just above the number was painted 'REIGN IN BLOOD.' A large pentagram, believed to be a symbol of the devil, was painted in thick black lines in front of the main door, just where Pope John Paul II stood when he visited the seminary on Oct. 6, 1995."
Among the plethora of images most stoners could google lay a more insidious message:
On the back of the left column, facing the seminary doors, the vandal or vandals wrote "BETTER TO REIGN IN HELL." And on the second, "THAN TO SERVE IN HEAVEN." The famous line comes from Milton's "Paradise Lost."
This indicates that at least one of the vandals possessed more sophistication than a typical shock-jocking teen. Someone's a true believer.

Their literary taste, however, ironically reveals the desire that motivates their sociopathy. They want the world to know that they are the Lord their God; they will not have any God's before themselves. Period. No matter what price they pay in needless suffering, they'll pay it. They'll welcome it.

They'll make sure you and I welcome it, too.