Monday, June 05, 2006

On Terrorists and Sympathizers North of the Border

The alleged Jihadists that RCMP arrested over the weekend may have planned attacks beyond Candada. The group appears to be another embodiment of security experts' worst fear: homegrown islamo-fascist terrorists.

AP and THE JOURNAL NEWS have the story:
"Police said Monday more arrests are likely in an alleged plot to bomb buildings in Canada, while intelligence officers sought ties between the 17 suspects and Islamic terror cells in the United States and five other nations.

A court said authorities had charged all 12 adults arrested over the weekend with participating in a terrorist group. Other charges included importing weapons and planning a bombing. The charges against five minors were not made public.

The Parliament of Canada, in Ottawa, is believed to be among targets the group discussed. Toronto Mayor David Miller said CN Tower, a downtown landmark, and the city's subway were not targets as had been the speculated in local media, but declined to identify sites that were.

A Muslim prayer leader who knew the oldest suspect, 43-year-old Qayyum Abdul Jamal, told The Associated Press on Monday that Jamal's sermons at a storefront mosque were 'filled with hate' against Canada.

Authorities said more arrests were expected, possibly this week, as police pursue leads about a group that they say was inspired by the violent ideology of the al-Qaida terror network.

'We've by no means finished this investigation,' Mike McDonell, deputy commissioner for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, told AP. 'In fact, you might look at it that, really, we're just starting with the arrests. We have a responsibility to follow every lead.'

Although both Canadian and U.S. officials said over the weekend there was no indication the purported terror group had targets outside Ontario, McDonell told AP on Monday that there are 'foreign connections,' but he would not elaborate."
Independent islamofascist terrorists in London perpetrated the horrific July bombings last year. Another non-affiliated association of blood-lusters committed the 3/11 Madrid bombings, as well.

Now they rear their ugly heads north of the US border.

Not a comforting thougt. How's that for an understatement?

The Counterterrorism Blog has an excellent round-up of the latest. Hat tip to Michelle Malkin.

The pieces continue to move. The blood-lusters salivate at the opportunity. Meanwhile, their apologists spin (with another hat tip to the Upper Canada Catholic). Behold:
There may indeed have been a terrorist conspiracy that involved what the RCMP assistant commissioner Mike McDonell yesterday referred to as "training areas," where militants tramped about in big boots, cooked on outdoor barbecues, built bombs and used a wooden door for target practice.

That's the implication from the evidence shown to reporters yesterday: five pairs of boots in camouflage drab, six flashlights, one set of walkie-talkies, one voltmeter, one knife, eight D-cell batteries, a cellphone, a circuit board, a computer hard drive, one barbecue grill, one set of tongs suitable for turning hot dogs, a wooden door with 21 marks on it and a 9-mm handgun.

Or it is possible that the only thing that these bits of evidence prove is that a group of young men went somewhere where they tramped around in big boots, cooked on barbecues, played soldier and generally acted like jerks — which young men are occasionally wont to do.

The three tonnes of ammonium nitrate allegedly purchased was, as McDonell said, three times the amount used in the Oklahoma terror bombing of 1995.

But, as he also said, farmers routinely buy three tonnes of ammonium nitrate "every day." They use it for fertilizer, not bombs.

In short, we don't know much yet about what these men and boys were trying to do. We don't know if this series of arrests, called Operation O-Sage by the Mounties, pre-empted the kind of actions that in the United Kingdom led to last year's bombing of the London subway by otherwise unremarkable young Britons.
Yeah. I'm sure these fine, upstanding citizens planned to fertilize the acres of new farmland that they had recently purchased after barbequing with fatigues and 9MM. While every suspect deserves the presumption of innocence, they don't deserve unmitigated surrender to stupidity. They may formally be innocent until proven guilty. This doesn't mean the evidence that's currently in the public eye counts for nothing.

Efforts to excuse the genocidal behavior exhibited by these admittedly unconvicted suspects only blind us all to the truth. They also encourage other bloodlusters to enact their viscious agenda.

Hint to our Reasonable mouth-foamers: islamofascism threatens the survival of our very societies. They're a danger to all Reasonable people, too. Exactly how many Burka-ed women will be able to secure abortion on demand? Try considering the idea that we're all at risk, OK?