Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Out-Scooped Again!...

And in my own backyard, too!

Amy Welborn of open book on "Slaying":
Rock group fans take credit for seminary vandalism:
The site was set up last month to promote a National Day of Slayer on June 6.

To participate, according to the site, one had only to play Slayer "at full blast." But the site also included several ways to "take participation to a problematic level," including: "Spray paint Slayer logos on churches, synagogues, or cemeteries."

The vandalism at the seminary, which was done in the early hours of June 7, included the words "Reign in Blood," the name of Slayer's most popular record.

The Web site — www.nationaldayofslayer.org — now brags that Day of Slayer was a huge success. As proof, it offers a copy of a Journal News article about the vandalism and a link to a CBS TV report about it.
A 31-year-old IT contractor from Wyoming inspires some thugs to go Slayer and vandalize St. Joseph's Seminary.

Our internet at work, for good or ill.

Well, it's time to put it to work for good, right?