Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Jihadist Ambitions: Bombing and Beheading

What a surprise: The plot thickens!

The Washington Post has the latest:
"The men arrested in an alleged terrorism plot planned to storm the Canadian Parliament, take politicians hostage, and at least one wanted to behead the prime minister, according to a summary of allegations read into court Tuesday.

The summary from prosecutors, unexpectedly read into the court record in a procedural hearing by defense lawyer Gary Batasar, said the group planned to bomb hydro-electric plants in Ontario and targeted the CBC broadcast building in downtown Toronto."

The group planned to issue demands that Canadian troops be withdrawn from Afghanistan and that all Muslim prisoners held in Afghanistan be released.

The bizarre scenario offered the first details of the plot that police and intelligence agencies said they had disrupted in a series of raids overnight Friday. Twelve men and five teenaged boys were arrested. All are Canadian citizens or long-time residents of Canada.

The statement was put into the court record during a routine procedural hearing to set bond dates in Brampton, a suburb of Toronto, as 10 of the 17 arrested appeared in court.

Batasar later told reporters that the prosecutors said his client, Steven Vikash Chand, 25, "personally indicated that he wanted to behead the prime minister of Canada." It was unclear if that was Stephen Harper, who took office in February, or his predecessor, Paul Martin.
The islamofascists will not stop until every Dhimmi bows their head in submission. Canada's audacity in supporting the emergence of democracy in Afghanistan must not go unpublished. Heads must literally roll!

The truth is even more frightening, however. The jihadists simply head the line at the moment. They're the latest willing or unwitting agents of the true enemy. He is not an opponent who we can defeat with our military or our intelligence. He is not an adversary that we can buy off or manipulate. He is not the foe that our way of life can overcome.

He is the epitome of sin and incarnation of darkness. We have no hope of defeating him. Save one.

we conquer our enemy through Jesus Christ; only through him may we have victory.

While we may need to use appropriate force to defend ourselves from his agents, we must never forget who we're truly fighting. Nor must we neglect the only One that can achieve the final victory.