Thursday, July 07, 2005

Another Teacher with Class!

Why do members of my profession continue to make asses out of themselves? Fellow teacher The Ale Map has the story here. Read the pathetic details:
Two Dallas high school seniors were failing chemistry when there 32 year old teacher propositioned them to torch her car to pass the class. The chemistry teacher explained that if the teens stole her car and burned it they would receive a passing grade in the class and she would be able to collect the insurance money to get out of the negative equity and delinquent payments had in the 2003 vehicle.
He had no links, so I thought I smelled something. Well, I didn't. A google search on the teacher's name checked out.

How bizzare is this? What's so disheartening is that she gets the news. She's the woman that bites dog. When every media outlet looks for the woman that bites dog, then over time people begin to believe that no woman can pass the dog without taking a taste. The teachers that do their job well get no coverage. That's expected; forgotten, but expected. Plenty put in hours of uncompensated time preparing the best classroom experiences for their kids. They go unrecognized. One woman of demonstrably pathetic character misuses her teaching authority. She's all over Google.

What a disgrace!