Thursday, July 07, 2005

An Episcopal Shepard Before the Wolves

Seeker of the Way has exciting news about Bishop Henry of Canada. Get the story here. See for yourself:
The most overlooked and disenfranchised group in the current debate about marriage are children.
Forgotten children
According to the government's agenda, Bill C-38, the social institution that has always symbolized our society's commitment to the future - our children, will be transformed into an institution that symbolizes our commitment to the present - the needs and desires of adults. Marriage will have a new primary purpose, to validate and protect sexually intimate adult relationships.

Legislation which redefines marriage cannot achieve the impossible. It cannot alter the simple reality that there is a fundamental difference between a relationship that, by its nature, has the potential to create a child and a relationship, that by its nature, absolutely does not.

The proposed re-invention of the institution of marriage means that marriage must be disconnected from procreation, and the traditional family, the only institution that honours a child's natural right to know and be cared for by his or her parents, must be dismantled.

This will effectively make children's rights secondary to adults and turn on its head the ethical principle that children, as the most vulnerable people, must come first.
Here's a Fool that refuses to bow before the Protocol. He will not be cowed by politically correct legal manuevers. He won't back down when faced with the rhetoric of hate. He stands and delivers the truth.

Send more like him, Lord. Send more!

My only concern was this line:
Biological parents usually protect and provide for their children more effectively than non-biological ones.
As an adopted child, I take issue with blanket endorsements of blood. Love defines family even more thickly than blood. However, this does not mean that a Gay "married" couple should use adoption as a reason to legitimize their relationship as a marriage. Such an argument is a non-sequitor if ever there was one. Other than this one concern, I stand behind this Fool of a Bishop. May he not speak alone for long!