Thursday, July 07, 2005

The Captain says it best: "We are all Britons today."

Great Britain remains the best ally the US has. The British fathered our nation. They stood at our side when we faced the forces of tyranny past. They stood resolute in the face of Stalin's totalitarianism. They faced the threat of butchers and murders clothed as religious fanatics after 9/11. They turned aside from their fellow European Union nations and went once more with us "over the top" in Iraq. Now, the new barbarians of fanatical totalitarianism spill their blood. What shall we do? Captain Ed has an answer:
On July 7, 2005, let it be known that the world united behind our British brothers and sisters as fellow members of Western Civilization under attack by the forces of tyranny and oppression. We stand with our friends who have suffered a terrible act of war on their civilian population, a cowardly and shameful act that amply demonstrates the depths of depravity of the enemies of freedom and liberty.

We are all Britons today.
Let every Fool pray for the British today. Let us pray that God console the grieving, show mercy upon the dead and give strength to those that care for the survivors. Let Him renew the courage and strength of those charged with the United Kingdom's defense. May he guide those their authorities, intelligence, police and military, as they bring the reprehensible barbarians responsible to justice.

I do not fear for the British people. I lived in London for 5 months as a University exchange student, during the spring of 1992. This was the election year in which John Major and the Tories campaigned for re-election under the slogan "You can't trust Labor." The IRA still blew up innocents whenever they wanted back then. They had balloted with bombs late in the spring. The financial center in downtown London exploded one afternoon. A rain of shattered glass covered the streets. The expected pandimonium ensued. I was in the country when the bomb blew. Friends that stayed in town heard the blast from over fifty blocks away. A shell of a once proud office tower had four stories of charred window frame. If one believed that the British would cowtow to the IRA as the Spanish had to the 3/11 bombers, one bet on the wrong horse. The British returned the Tories to power in a landslide. Today's butchers should understand their history before they politic with pyrotechniques. The British respond to reason with reason, and to force with determined opposition.

Americans have no better friend than the British. We stand by them, just as they stood with us before. It's the least a friend can do.

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