Thursday, July 21, 2005

Nosce Te Ipsvm on Catholics being "Un-irked?"

Be of good cheer! Catholics are Christians! So says Bethany Christian Services of Jackson, Mississippi. Nosce Te Ipsvm has updates. A priceless excerpt:
The local Board of Directors for Bethany Christian Services of Mississippi met in Jackson on July 19, and voted unanimously to change their practice to now include Catholic families in all adoption programs. “The Board in Mississippi responded appropriately and is now consistent with Bethany’s national practice,” said Glenn DeMots, President and CEO of Bethany Christian Services.

The National Board of Bethany Christian Services also met July 19, in Grand Rapids, Michigan and unanimously voted to reaffirm that “All families in agreement with the agency’s Statement of Faith, including Catholic families, are eligible to adopt.” The Board also stated that all Bethany offices will comply with this practice. “We are sorry for offending families and all partners of Bethany, and regret any pain and hurt caused by this issue,” said DeMots.
There, don't you feel better now?

It's good news, actually. Christians have stopped bleeding each other. Fools have reunited. The Reasonable vultures at the ACLU have lost whatever case they might have hoped to make. Choose Life can move on and continue its good work in peace.

We all have far too much work to do recultivating our culture. The worship of Thanatos continues. If we are to bring forth a new culture of life and a civilization of love, we must unite the broken body of our Savior in this world. The Mystical Body of Christ can afford no divisions. The scandal of our division blinds those to whom we would deliver the Good News. We must seek a legitimate end to what keeps us apart.