Monday, August 01, 2005

Blog Business

Surprised to see me?

Some of you may wonder where I was yesterday. Not to fear, I'm back!

I just found out yesterday that I needed a day off. That's all.

Mom had a rough night Saturday. She had breathing problems. Yesterday, they ran a CAT Scan for a possible blood clot in her lung; it came back negative. Last night, Her general practioner visisted her in the hospital. He just got back from vacation. Not liking the numbers he saw on her, he decided to order new tests beginning today. That means she's not coming home until tomorrow at the earliest.

Meanwhile, I'm going to work for three days this week. My HS offers 9th graders an orientation called the Bridge program. I'm one of the facilitators. Yesterday, I needed to complete an activity for kids so I could present it to a group of facilitatos today. We're on the same team.

Between the work demands and my Mothers precarious condition, I decided to take the day off.

But that was yesterday. Today is today.