Monday, January 23, 2006

Moloch-Worship Murders Two

Catholic Pillow Fight has the tragic story here:
...remember a girl named Christin (I keep pronouncing it Christ-in, and I think you'll see why).

Christin Gilbert was a 19 year old young lady who had Down's Syndrome. Sometime in 2005, she was sexually assaulted, and became pregnant. In the beginning of her third trimester, her family brought her to the Women's Health Care Center in Kansas for an abortion.
There her baby received a fatal digoxin injection to the heart and she was prepared for labor and delivery of her dead child.

Christin was sent to her hotel. The following day, January 11, Christin was taken back to WHCS where the abortion was resumed and a D & C performed. She was again sent back to her hotel, which doubled as both labor and recovery room for Tiller’s abortion business. This hotel was not equipped to handle the life-threatening complications that may result from dangerous third-trimester abortions. There, Christin’s condition began to worsen.
When the butchers at the abortuary (Women's "Health Care" Center?) could not handle the complications, they finally called 911 for an ambulance to take her to the hospital, where real doctors help injured and ill people, Christin was already dying. The 911 call is sickening. The woman who finally called spent the whole time trying to cover their sniveling asses. She asked the 911 dispatcher to "please, please, please don't use the lights and siren". When asked what medical emergency prompted this call, she put the 911 dispatcher on hold for 45 precious seconds while she tried to find out what to tell him. She finally told him that she couldn't tell him what the medical problem was.
Once at Wesley Medical Center, the autopsy report showed evidence that the emergency team who treated Christin worked aggressively to save her life, but it was too late. Huge amounts of antibiotics were pumped into her failing body, but to no avail. Because the sepsis was not treated in time, Gilbert suffered from systemic organ failure. All the blood vessels in her reproductive organs were clotted.

Christin was given pain medication, but little else could be done. She was pronounced dead at 4:14 PM, January 13, 2005.
As Paul, just a regular guy you know.. stated: "Two for the price of one". That just about sums it up.
Please keep Christin, her child and her horrifically misguided parents in your prayers. May God shower us all in his infinite Mercy.