Monday, February 27, 2006

Witness to Christ through Charity

Catholic Charities USA hopes to build 5,000 housing units for the poor in New Orleans, some of it on church-owned land, leveraging its money with loans and grants, said the Rev. Larry Snyder, the group's chief executive.

The group has so far disbursed $58 million of the $142 million it collected to 76 Catholic Charities agencies and other organizations in 29 states for counseling, job placement and housing.

New Orleans resident Tyler Jones, 45, who lost everything in the storm, said Catholic Charities provided his family with medical care, money for clothes, counseling and other support to get their lives back on track. "They restored my faith and my hope by helping me," said Jones, a New Orleans sheriff's deputy. (emphasis mine.)Our love reveals our Lord. Catholic Charities preached that love in action for Mr. Jones. They served him body and soul.

Where do we see the ones with those needs? How can we help?

"Two-Thirds of Katrina Donations Exhausted" sayz the Washington Post

Here's a place to start! Don't forget to read it from the beginning.