Saturday, April 01, 2006

Reasonable State Legislators Mouth-Foam for Contraception in Connecticut

The Curt Jester covers the "Relentless assault"
Legislation to require all hospitals, including Catholic facilities, to prescribe rape victims the so-called morning after pill, is back before lawmakers.

Last week, a bill requiring all hospitals to provide Plan B emergency contraception died in committee. Now, a similar proposal is included as a few words in the massive spending package approved Thursday by the Appropriations Committee.

The one-sentence section allocates $5 million to help hospitals pay for increased energy costs, but the additional aid would only be given to hospitals that provide emergency contraception to rape victims.

The Democratic process clearly did not work the way in which our Reasonable masters in Conn. intended. Therefore, it's time to play dirty pool.

Nothing must come between all people and the sacred rite of the One Thing that Matters! Catholic Hospitals may follow their conscience--as long as they break their covenant with their parent institution and bow down before Venus and Moloch. There's no room for Fools in this budget measure!