Monday, June 26, 2006


It's been a long time.

I know. I know. I've missed you, too!

The reason for my erratic writing and extended absenses?

It's a multitude of fronts. My recovery took more out of me than I expected. My academic year of long hours and short sleep caught up with me. I came home progressively sore and exhausted. The Blushing Bride and Fine young Fool received the best of my energy during this time, as I'm sure you'd expect. The culmination of this has been an extended block.

I couldn't do it. I couldn't put fingers to keyboards. My words tasted like ashe and cardboard in my mouth. My message stumbled out of me like refreshing wine through a tattered wineskin. I found little inspiration. Even worse, I found plenty of vitriol.

The blogosphere has more than enough of that.

Finally, I experienced a small crisis of conscience. You see, I haven't been completely honest with you.

I had stumbled into local politics within my profession this Spring. Hell, within my building. I had even blogged about it in some detail. However, fearful that my rivals might crack my identity and use my writing against me, I revised my work. My disclosure of my revision did not clearly explain this.

I'm sorry for that. I'm also sorry that it took me this long to 'fess up.

I have no ambivalence about blogging pseudonomously. We all deserve our privacy, and many of us choose not to complicate our professional lives with our personal time blogging. However, this decision means that we make an implicit covenant with you. We strive to write with even greater honesty and integrity.

Please forgive me for not honoring that as well as I could have. Be assured that I will not allow my work life to compromise my writing again. Incidently, I eventually abandoned my political pursuit. In the end, it felt too much like other people's ideas, not mine.

By Wednesday afternoon, another school year will be in the books. With a summer ahead of me, I should have the time I need to rest, reflect and renew. Expect more consistent writing as summer rolls around.

Thank you, again, for your patience and understanding. See you around!