Thursday, July 21, 2005

London Bombing Update from AP

AP News reports that today's attack killed and injured no one. Thanks be to God! Details:
Small explosions struck the London Underground and a bus at midday Thursday in a chilling but bloodless replay of the suicide bombings that killed 56 people two weeks ago.

No one was injured in the coordinated lunch-hour blasts, which shocked and disrupted the capital and were hauntingly similar to the July 7 bombings by four attackers.

Police Commissioner Ian Blair would not say if any arrests had been made Thursday but he added that forensic evidence collected from the crime scenes could provide a "significant break" in the latest attacks.

"Clearly, the intention must have been to kill," Blair told a news conference. "You don't do this with any other intention."
Islamo-fascist terrorists stated their disapproval of Londoners' courage today. Spaniards were quick to surrender to the terrorists after the March 11 attacks on their trains during rush. Londoners defied the threats made against them.

The terrorists' attack today will fail to change the Britons' minds. They had better get used to losing. No one fears their cowardice and barbarism.

Surrender, you bloody wankers! You haven't got a prayer!